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Food Service

Make Red River Valley Potatoes a Part of
Your Menu

Compare Red River Valley Red potatoes to any other potato, and there really is no comparison!

You can be ordinary, or you can set yourself apart.

Red potatoes grown in the Red River Valley of North Dakota and Minnesota have a deeper red color and are more robust flavor than potatoes grown anywhere else. This is because our potatoes are non-irrigated and grown in heavy black soil unique to the Red River Valley of the North Dakota and Minnesota.

When talking to food service professionals and chefs throughout the U.S. to find out what they fancied about red potatoes, here are some of the comments we collected:

"Red potatoes seem fresher and healthier. Maybe it's the color. I like to use them skins-on to add color to the plate. Starches in general are dull in color and taste, but the red potato is different."

"Red potatoes are firm and sweet. They are also creamy smooth when mashed, very versatile. I can't say that about a russet potato."

"Reds are less labor intensive, because we serve them with skins-on. ToPotatoes Various save time we often par-boil them, and they hold up great!"

"Reds have more flavor and better texture. You don't get a measly mouthful. Baked red potatoes are more moist and satisfying than a russet. They also set us apart from the others."

Foodservice distributors check out the all new Red River Valley Potato website at There you will find a complete list of fresh shippers for famous Red River Valley red and yellow potatoes!