The Northern Plains Potato Growers Association boasts two research farm operations. Our traditional site is a non-irrigated farm located near Grand Forks while our irrigated research site is located near Inkster, North Dakota.

Our research committee makes need-based funding determinations within our research community comprised of scientists from the Cooperative Extension Service, North Dakota State University, the University of Minnesota and the United State Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service.

We also continue to work toward streamlining efforts with the MN Area II Research Council as well as working with our Quad State Initiative. This initiative encompasses potato researchers from Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota. Results from research are bundled into grower education programs held during summer field day events as well as winter grower educational seminars.


Visit Potato Extension Agronomist Andy Robinson on the Web!

North Dakota State University - University of Minnesota Potato Extension Agronomist Andy Robinson has a wealth of potato information he calls "Spudology" available on the web. Check out the NDSU Potato Extension web page for information on upcoming events, research, pest and disease alerts, potato education and much, much more. 
Subscribe to Andy's new weekly newsletter Spud Scoop.  A link for this newsletter can be found on the Potato Extension web page. "Spid Scoop" contains current and valuable information for potato growers to improve their crop management decisions.  NDSU's weekly Late Blight report called Blightline and Aphid Alert from Dr. Ian McRae at UM-Crookston are both included in Spud Scoop.  Aphid alert has all the latest aphid trapcounts in the Red River Vallet region of ND and MN.

For those into social media, gardeners, and consumers, you can also connect with Andy on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+.  

You have to say that Andy is "very well connected!"

The Plant Management Network Offers Free Webcasts -
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