Advertising & Promotion Committee
The Advertising & Promotion Committee's mission is to promote quality potatoes from the region. This is accomplished by a variety of means such as print and broadcast advertising, special promotions, marketing kit materials, and exhibiting at major trade shows. As our region's potato industry includes all major potato markets; chip, fresh, seed and process, promotional efforts focus in each of these areas.

Chairman: Dave Moquist - Crystal, ND

NPPGA Chair: Lonnie Spokely, Nielsville, MN

NPPGA Staff: Chuck Gunnerson & Ted Kreis 

Paul Dolan - Grand Forks, ND Bryan Folson - East Grand Forks, MN
Steve Tweten - Buxton, ND Ben Tucker - St. Thomas, ND
Jim Tallackson - Grafton, ND  

Kris Sobolik - Hoople, ND                           Justin Dagen - Karlstad, MN

Cindy Collette - Grafton, ND

Don Suda - Grafton, ND Barry Vculek - Oakes, ND

Members At Large:
Kathy Anderson - Grafton, ND Greg Anderson - Grafton, ND
Leah Brakke - Grand Forks, ND David Moquist - Crystal, ND
Gregg Halverson - Grand Forks, ND Carl Hoverson - Larimore, ND
Rick Vivatson - Hensel, ND  

Research and Farm Committee
A major portion of the Association's budget goes into research. The Research Committee accepts research proposals from scientists on an annual basis. The committee of researchers, growers and industry professionals identify research priorities, review and select research proposals for Association funding.

Co-Chairman: Lance Hapka, Argyle, MN
Co-Chairman - Brian Vculek, Crete, ND
NPPGA Chairman: Lonnie Spokely, Grafton, ND
NPPGA Staff: Chuck Gunnerson - East Grand Forks, MN Office

Gregg Halverson - Grand Forks, ND Josh Heuchert - Hensel, ND
Justin Dagen - Karlstad, MN Paul Gray - Clear Lake, MN
John Nordgaard - Grand Forks, ND Clark Camilli - Fargo, ND
Brad Nilson - Hoople, ND Dave Paquin - Mentor, MN
Stephen Paget - Grand Forks, ND Nick David - Park Rapids, MN
Mark Thompson, Park River, ND Barry Vculek - Oakes, ND
Carl Hoverson - Larimore, ND Mike Hoverson - Larimore, ND
Loren Estad - Crystal, ND Jon Gilley - Fargo, ND
Lonnie Spokely - Nielsville, MN Nick Otto - Crystal, ND
Alan Pranke - Jamestown, ND Brent Heisler, Cando, ND
Mark Urquhart - Jamestown, ND Peter Imle, Gonvick, MN
Mike Sitzmann - Tappen, ND Willem Schrage - Fargo, ND
Russ Halverson, East Grand Forks, MN  
Jeff VanRay - Pingree, ND  

Susie Thompson - Fargo, ND Gary Secor - Fargo, ND
Marty Glynn - East GF, MN Neil Gudmestad - Fargo, ND
Jeff Suttle - Fargo, ND